Summer is Over

I suppose that Labor Day is still officially the end of summer, but nowadays the kids go back to school in August, so that is when it feels like it’s over to me. I started substitute teaching last school year, and I’ve already been called up this month. So here is what I did over the summer….

Metta Prayer Flag, 2017

The theme for the June 1st First Friday show at Stoneworks Studios and Gallery (Ventura, California) was Things That Fly. I created this Metta Prayer Flag, which sold.

In June, I also started crocheting a long dress to wear to the Saturday night banquet at the Crochet Guild of American (CGOA) in Chicago, which I attended during the last week of July. The dress pattern is the Coogee Bay Dress by designer Jenny King.

Beginning of Coogee Bay Dress

The July 7th First Friday Stoneworks show theme was Art With Text. I put text on my art quite often, and I had so much fun making the prayer flag that I made another banner. This is titled Wave That Flag, which is a line from the Grateful Dead song, U.S. Blues. It’s now hanging in my home.

Wave That Flag, 2017

I flew to Chicago from LAX to O’Hare airport on July 26th for the CGOA conference in Itasca, Illinois. I shared a room with my friend Zann at the Westin Chicago Northwest, which hosted the conference. I had a great time visiting with my crochet friends from all over the country and beyond. We received more free stuff this year than at any other conference I’ve attended in over 10 years; I had to ship a big box home and I still received more free yarn that I squished into my small carry-on suitcase. I mean, who can give up free yarn, amirite?

I took an all-day class in freeform crochet on Friday, taught by my friend Margaret Hubert. We started on a freeform crochet clutch bag, and here is what mine looked like at the end of the day:

Beginning of freeform crochet clutch, 2017

Coogee Bay Dress, 2017

I finished crocheting my dress with time to spare. It is made up of 40 squares, and I added crocheted trim on the sleeves and hem. It’s heavy and I’m short, so it did touch the floor a little bit when I wore it to the banquet on Saturday night. Designer Jenny King was there, all the way from Australia, and she took a photo of me in the dress. There were three other women there wearing their versions of the dress, all in solid colors. Mine was the only multicolored one, as it started with my desire to use up some of the jewel tone #10 crochet cotton in my stash. I modeled my freeform shawl California Wildflowers in the fashion show, and it received many compliments, which was nice.

Wearing Coogee Bay Dress at 2017 CGOA banquet in Chicago

My flight back to SoCal didn’t leave until 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, so I got up early and took the hotel shuttle to the local train station, and then took the train into downtown Chicago so I could take in The Art Institute of Chicago, which is world-renowned for its magnificent collection. I got there before they opened at 10:00 a.m. and I didn’t leave until about 3:30 p.m. to walk back to the train station. It was fantastic! I took hundreds of photos, and it was such a delight to see so many famous paintings up close. It felt like seeing old friends.

The Art Institute of Chicago

I arrived home from Chicago on Sunday night, July 30th. I rested for a few days and got ready for the next adventure…hosting visiting grandchildren for a week and numerous activities. I hope to see more of Chicago someday!